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The story behind Research In Motion

Ever wondered about the creators of the swanky BlackBerry smartphones? Well, it must be known to you that the creators are none but Research In Motion. Even if the name is known, the real story is not really known easily. And here is a chance to get a peek into the extra-ordinary world of BlackBerry, the phone which has been selling like hot cakes and have become a must-have for many. Truly it is difficult to stay away or not fall in love with the BlackBerry device. President Barack Obama has not been able to overcome its attraction and finds living without it impossible so does Oprah Winfrey, who counts her precious BlackBerry smartphone as one of her “favourite things”! If such is the magnetism and attraction of the BlackBerry line of smartphones, it truly is difficult to imagine a life without it. Hence BusinessWeek expressed the same in their article titled: “No BlackBerry: No Life”!

With a product that attracts people and makes them addicted to it like a drug, it is not just out of curiosity that people deserve to know the real story behind the BlackBerry and its makers. So if you are game about dwelling into the story, BlackBerry: The Untold Story of Research In Motion is the book that requires all the reading. The book has been penned down by a best selling author, Rod McQueen. In the book he traces the success story of the BlackBerry maker Research In Motion and how the struck gold with it.

Research In Motion, a company that was started out by Mike Lazaridis and Jim Basillie with just a loan of$15000 has climbed up the ladder and has grown profusely to become one of the largest and the most profitable companies of the world. And the reason behind the stunning growth of the company was nothing but the magical BlackBerry device. With a sales record of more than 50 million BlackBerrys by the year 2009, it added to the profit generated by the company profusely. The annual profits of Research In Motion stands at more than $11 million from the sales of the BlackBerry smartphones.

All the intriguing stories behind this magic, the biography of the magnetic smartphone, the story of its creation and development along with knowledge about the ones who were the inspiration behind it has been captured in this book. At $17.79, the book is really an absorbing account of the success story.

Website: BlackBerry Book

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