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Bump Application is coming to BlackBerry via PayPal

PayPal 2.0 270x283 270x283 Bump Application is coming to BlackBerry via PayPalOk, we’ve all seen the iPhone commercial where two users Bump there phones and it exchanges contacts and pictures. And I am the first to admit that “that is fracken cool.” Well PayPal and the guys and gals over at Bump Technologies , the creators of the Bump app, will be bringing Bump coolness to the BlackBerry smartphone platform sometime in the next couple of months.

“Bumping” money transfers is a practical and convenient way to settle a bill, but right now the service is limited to iPhone users. For PayPal 2.0 to really become indispensable, users need to tap out transfers from any device. During our chat with PayPal at CTIA 2010 here in Las Vegas, we learned that updates to the Android and BlackBerry app are planned for the next two or three months.

So the idea is that soon all you’ll need to do to pay a bill or transfer some money is to Bump another users’ device.

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