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Memisahkan Folder Message Desktop (BES)

Memisahkan Folder Message Desktop (BES)
Berikut panduan untuk memisahkan inbox icon BES dihandset BlackBerry :

How to create a separate icon on the BlackBerry smartphone for only BlackBerry Enterprise Server messages

Referensi :

1. Extract the files in the attached file to a temporary folder on the local computer.

2. From a command prompt, change the current directory to the temporary folder from Step 1.

3. Turn on or turn off the feature.

To turn on this feature:

Type the following command using the EnableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql input file:

For Local Database: bbdbupdate -db -input EnableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql

For Remote Database or Local Database with a named Instance:

bbdbupdate –n <Host name of SQLserver\instance name (if applicable)> -db -input EnableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql

To turn off this feature:

Type the following command using the DisableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql input file:

For Local Database: bbdbupdate -db -input DisableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql

For Remote Database or Local Database with a named Instance:

bbdbupdate –n <Host name of SQLserver\instance name (if applicable)> -db -input DisableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql

Note: Replace with the name of the BlackBerry Configuration Database. The default name is BESMgmt.

4. Run the BBDBUpdate.exe tool and review the screen output for any errors.

Once the database script is applied to the database, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server must send updated service book data to each BlackBerry smartphone. Once the service book data is received on the BlackBerry smartphone, the changes are visible on the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone. If this feature is turned on, a new message list application icon with the name typed in the Message service display name field appears. If this feature is turned off, the icon disappears from the Home screen once the update is applied to the BlackBerry smartphone.

How to sync BlackBerry contact to Outlook

Make sure your Ms Outlook is installed and setup correctly. Personal folder *.pst file must be created with Outlook. You may create a new *.pst file at Control panel-Click on Mail icon. (In this post, I assume you should setup Outlook correctly).

Connect you BlackBerry smartphone to PC with USB cable.
Run Blackberry Desktop Manager, click Synchronize, then click on configure synchronization. (below screen will appear)

Click the Synchronization button at the right side.
The Intellisync windows will appear, check the “Address Book”.
System will ask you to select desktop application, please select Microsoft Outlook then click next.
Select you desire direction of synchronization. Usually I will select “one way sync from device to Outlook”. This is mean BlackBerry smartphone to overwrite Outlook. (no change to Blackberry smartphone). Click next.
Select you Outlook profile then click next and finish. (see below screen)

At this point, you should go back to BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Click the synchronize at the left side and click the synchronize button at the middle of screen.

Synchronization is begin…….

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How To Backup Blackberry 3rd Party Application

Size compare between Bold 9000 and Bold2 9700

Well seeing the picture below, it is pretty confirm that Bold2 9700 size is smaller than Bold 9000.

BlackBerry Curve 8530

Since Blackberry Curve 8520 launching, RIM has it next Curve model 8530. I not so sure on the detail, but someone said it could be a Curve2 model. Product spec comparison as below:

There is a little surprise that 8530 support 3G and built-in GPS. Unfortunate 8530 screen resolution still low compare to 8900.

BlackBerry smart system code

BlackBerry smart system code
Simply open any BlackBerry editor like “memopad”, “Compose Email” or any other input field, then key in below code and press Enter key to see the magic happen.

myver” - Displays the device/version
LD” - Displays the local date
LT” - Displays the local time
mypin” - Displays your handheld’s PIN

Change BlackBerry signal strength bar to number mode

The standard signal strength bar on a BlackBerry used to indicate how strong the signal from service provider. The more bars you have, the better the signal strength. But if you prefer more precision, you actually can have the signal strength bar to number mode.

To change your signal strength bar
At home screen, press and hold the ALT key then entering “NMLL” (without quote)
To return to the standard signal strength bar display, enter the same key ALT+NMLL again

BlackBerry code

Do you know that actually Blackberry phone is built-in many hidden commands that to check uptime, voice/data usage and etc….? All this command is very useful when you consider buying new / used Blackberry phone. Here I will share those commands to you. I hope it will be useful.

To Check Device General Information
At the home screen, type: alt + shift + h
Your phone will shows

To Check Device Voice/Data Usage
Go to: Options -> Status -> Then type: BUYR
Your phone will shows

Note: If Data/Voice usage shows 0, meaning this is the brand new phone.

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